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Are you looking for a project manager or commissioning manager for your gas or bioenergy project? Do you need help with gas installations or perhaps an operator?


Gas and bioenergy

Project management

Site supervision

Site services

Project development

Planning and permit matters

Gas installations

Operational supervisor


InvestSystems offers project consulting from the project phase to the completion of the project. We also take care of the training of the facility staff and, if necessary, take on operational responsibility until the change of baton feels good to our customer.

Our goal is to first find and then be involved in implementing solutions that meet the customer’s needs, which are both technically and financially sound.

Investsystems’ story also began with a customer’s need in Estonia in 2021. At that time, we combined a selected experienced human resource and a local new ready-made company. In this way, a solution was found that satisfied all parties to manage the project management of the biogas plant project.

The facility project in Estonia was completed in early 2023, and our services are now available locally in Finland as well.

Lots of experience

  • Project and site management in industry since 2001
  • Industrial gas projects and bioenergy projects since 2009
  • Biogas plant preliminary studies and projects since 2012

“No one is ever ready, but you can and should always learn something new”


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Project management

  • Tasks of the project manager
  • Duties of the commissioning manager

Site supervision

  • Duties of the site manager
  • The role of the builder’s supervisor

Site services

  • Equipment rental

Project development

Technical and financial assessment, e.g.

  • Commenting on the preliminary plans prepared for the project and proposals for changes
  • Evaluation of process and equipment choices to ensure functional integrity
  • Participation in technical and financial negotiations
  • Commenting on or preparing a cost estimate
  • Commenting on or creating a schedule
  • Reports and presentations to the project parties

Planning and permit matters

  • Process planning through a wide cooperation network
  • Chemical licensing process from start to finish (Tukes)
  • Integration of all permit decisions into planning and contracts


  • Duties of the safety manager
  • Duties of the builder’s safety coordinator
  • Preparation of safety documents

Gas installations

  • Gas installation permit Class A (Tukes)
  • Gas installation permit PE pipe (Tukes)

Access control

  • Natural Gas (Tukes)
  • LPG (Tukes)
  • Hazardous Chemicals (Tukes)
  • Pressure device (Tukes)
  • Boiler plant (Tukes)

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